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ABC Termite & Pest Control in Omaha & Lincoln is a locally owned and operated pest control company specializing in residential and commercial pest control services. Spiders, ants, termites, mice, and other rodents are just a few of the many pests our professional exterminators in the Omaha and Lincoln, NE area work to eliminate.

When a pest problem presents itself, it’s time to take immediate action. Don’t wait for it to go away, or try to solve it yourself with DIY pest control tactics: you could make the problem worse, and end up creating a hazard for you, your family, and your employees. Instead, research pest control companies in your area and contact the top Omaha and Lincoln pest control company near you – ABC Termite & Pest Control.

At ABC Termite & Pest Control (Omaha & Lincoln, NE), we take an approach to pest control that will solve infestations quickly – and in a way that is safe for you, your family, your pets, and your employees.

With over 20 years of experience, we possess knowledge about the pests commonly found in our region, as well as the most efficient methods to address them. Our aim is to eradicate and prevent these pests from infesting your property.

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Our Services

Residential Pest Control

All Residential Termite & Pest Control Services include exterior spraying around the base of the foundation and likely entry points into the home.

Commercial Pest Control

Our commercial pest control & termite services provide the highest quality pest control that your place of business demands.

Mosquito Control

ABC Termite & Pest Control in Omaha and Lincoln, NE offers high-quality, effective mosquito treatment & tick control at the most reasonable rates.

Bed Bug Control

ABC’s bed bug treatments consist of two or more treatments depending on the level of bed bug infestation and the customer’s attention to detail of the preparation list. Bed Bug Control Omaha, NE & Lincoln, NE

Rodent Control

ABC’s Lincoln and Omaha rodent control services and elimination programs vary on the type of rodent. A combined and controlled use of traps and baits has proven to be the most effective for us.


Turf, Tree, and Landscaping – ABC Termite & Pest Control Omaha & Lincoln applies several gallons of a product on the exterior of your home to control the widespread infestation of a variety of insects.


Effective Termite Treatment is second to none. ABC Termite & Pest Control has applied over 10,000 termite treatments in Omaha, Lincoln, and surrounding areas. We do the treatment right the first time to assure the barrier has not been compromised.

Disinfecting Service

To help your home and business maintain a safe, clean workplace, ABC Termite and Pest Control in Lincoln and Omaha, NE has created a premium disinfecting service.

Pest Library

Visit our Pest Library to learn more about how to control a variety of insects in your home or business.

We are always looking for new members to join the ABC Team

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It is with great pride and thanks to our loyal customers that we announce ABC Termite & Pest Control Omaha was voted 2018 First Place Local Pest Control Service in the Best of Omaha Competition for 2018!

This is the third time in 6 years ABC Termite & Pest Control Omaha has received this award. We look forward to serving the Omaha area and the great people who live here for years to come.

Thank you Omaha Customers for letting people know how much you believe in us!

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