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Ants are social insects that live in colonies and work together for the good of the colony, which makes them a difficult pest to eliminate. The majority of ant colonies survive out of sight, which means that every ant you see represents an ant infestation with many other ants living and working below the surface. This means that killing only the foraging ants, the ones that are visible to you, will serve just as a temporary solution to your problem. Without working to defeat the colony itself, surface treatments will do little to help you manage these pests. Your results will be very short-lived and the foraging ants that you worked so hard to get rid of will be replaced quickly. Within a matter of days or weeks you will be left where you started, frustrated, as ants forage in your home or business for a food source.

For ants pest control, there are many issues that need to be considered before treating for these pests. For instance, to get rid of ants, proper species identification is a very important part of gaining control of the situation. Additionally, there are several other factors that must be examined before determining the most effective treatment options for your ant problem situation.

Types of Ants in Omaha, NE & Lincoln, NE

Carpenter Ants Control

Carpenter ants are so named for their skill at constructing their homes from wood. These large ants are excavators, not wood feeders. Still, an established colony can do structural damage to your home if left unchecked, so it’s a good idea to learn to recognize carpenter ants when you see them. Carpenter ants belong to the genus Camponotus. Click here to see Carpenter Ant Damage

Odorous House Ants Control

Odorous house ants may develop huge colonies containing thousands of workers and numerous queens. This species may be difficult to control. The keys to control are finding the colonies and sub colonies and treating them directly. This species is common in California north to Washington and is the most common pest ant in the mid-west states. These ants nest outdoors under items on the ground, within landscape, mulch, under ground cover, in potted plants, and within piles of items. The nest may readily be stabilized inside homes in walls, beneath carpeting, and in other suitable voids or spaces.

Pavement Ants Control

When the pavement ants’ colony is located outdoors, it can be easily found by the mound of soil over top the nest. This ant builds its colony beneath pavement, rocks, driveways, sidewalks, and logs. As it tunnels into the soil to excavate its colony, it pushes the soil debris up through the top of its nest, forming visible mounds of sandy-looking soil. These mounds are often seen between cracks of pavement, beneath which the ants have built their nest, thus the common name of “pavement” ant. A typical colony will have 3,000 to 5,000 ants, but colonies have been known to grow as large as 30,000 ants at a single site. This is due, in part, to this ant’s ability to have multiple queens in a single colony, whereas most ant species have only one queen per colony.

Pharaoh Ants Omaha & Lincoln Pest Control

Very small; light yellow to red, with black markings on abdomen; about one-sixteenth inch long. Depends on artificial heating in human dwellings to survive; food service areas commonly attract ants; will nest in any well-protected and hidden areas throughout a structure; can nest outdoors in lawns or gardens.

ABC Termite & Pest Control Omaha & Lincoln, NE

In order to eliminate these pests, you will need the help of a trained professional. At ABC Termite & Pest Control in Omaha and Lincoln, NE, we work to diagnose, treat, and cure your pest control issues. We can assure you that we are looking at treating more than just the symptoms of the problem; instead, we are dedicated to providing a long-term pest management solution that will work for you. At ABC Termite & Pest Control, we are a locally owned and operated company specializing in residential and commercial pest control. Spiders, ants, termites, mice, and other rodents are just a few of the many pests we professionally exterminate in the Lincoln and Omaha area.

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