If you’ve been sneezing and coughing, then there are a number of potential culprits. You might already be blaming the pollen outside for instance, or maybe you’re making evil eyes at the dog. Sure he looks cute…

Then there’s the dust, but you’ve vacuumed… so what’s going on? But have you considered another possibility? That the Asthma or Allergies are being set off by pests instead. Here’s what you need to know.

Asthma or Allergies: Pests Could be to Blame in Omaha or Lincoln, NE

Difficulty breathing can actually have a large number of causes. It might be caused by mold spores for instance – something that goes overlooked in many cases. But it could also be due to household pests. And specifically: cockroaches, rats, squirrels, dust mites, even ants and other things!

Many people are allergic to biting or stinging insects. It’s common to experience allergic symptoms following a bee sting for instance. But you can also be allergic to insects like cockroaches that don’t bite. That’s because they do shed tiny bits of skin and shell, which you can then breathe in.

Likewise, you might have difficulty breathing due to dust mites, which can create more dust in the air, in turn clogging your lungs.

Allergic Reaction

When you have an allergic reaction, your body essentially ‘overreacts’ to an external element – in this case, that means dust or shell casing. The result is that your immune system kicks into high gear: elevating your heart rate, causing swelling, making your eyes stream. All of this is an attempt to drive out what your body is interpreting as a dangerous pathogen.

One result of this is the airways closing over, which in turn can cause difficulty breathing and potentially lead to an asthma attack.

What to do with Asthma or Allergies if pests are to blame?

So if you keep experiencing allergies and you can’t find an obvious cause, consider that you might have pests that you aren’t aware of. Try looking around surfaces and the floor for signs of insects. Tiny droppings, or shells can be an indication.

Likewise, look in the places they would be likely to congregate: behind cupboards, basements and crawl spaces, around the gaps at the bottom of your wall where they might get in. If you’re unsure, then call in a specialist and they’ll be able to let you know for sure.

From there, it’s a matter of exterminating the pests: a process that will be slightly different for each different type of pest. You might be able to do this yourself, or you might need a professional in Omaha or Lincoln, NE. And finally, you should consider addressing the source of the problem. Avoid dropping crumbs or food, properly ventilating basements, areas to prevent moisture, prevent moisture buildup, and seal any gaps. You can also maintain the humidity level by running a dehumidifier in your Omaha or Lincoln home.

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You may think you are saving money however, a single misapplication could have significant and adverse or deadly consequences for you or your loved ones.