With the availability of pesticides online and from local retailers, buyers need to BEWARE the possible consequences of purchasing and applying pesticides intended for licensed applicators.

The most common misuses of pesticides are:

  1. Poor Chemical Selection: Just because it is a pesticide doesn’t mean it will do the job safely. All licensed chemicals treat specific insects. Choosing the wrong chemical for the job will prolong elimination and in some cases can have harmful effects.
  2. Improper Site Selection: Many pesticides applied in and near homes have application limitations to keep the occupants safe. Applications to sites other than those prescribed by the label will increase unintended contact by the occupants causing complications.
  3. Over Application: All pesticides also have limitations of the concentrations of the chemicals to be applied. By exceeding the limitations of the label most consumers think they are going to do a better job. Professional grade pesticides have concentrations that can exceed acceptable and safe limits for application in and around your family, your pets, and your home.


Deadly Consequences with DIY Pesticides

Applying pesticides improperly can have unintended consequences for those that come in contact with the application site. Consequences include chemical burns, skin irritations, acute toxicity, respiratory complications, and even death.

While applications by pest control professionals can be more costly the technicians of reputable companies are well versed and experienced in applying the proper ratios to the necessary sites to have safe and effective results.

Local Pest Control Professional in Omaha & Lincoln

Find a reputable local pest control professional that you TRUST and have them do the work for you. Check them out on the BBB and read their reviews on Google to see what kinds of experiences other people have had with them.

You may think you are saving money however, a single misapplication could have significant and adverse or deadly consequences for you or your loved ones.

Ryan Ross
ABC Termite & Pest Control – Omaha