Disinfecting Service

ABC’s Disinfecting Service

To help your home and business maintain a safe, clean workplace, ABC Termite and Pest Control has created a premium disinfecting service.  Our disinfecting service provides a powerful protection from Covid-19 and many other types of viruses, and bacteria.  Our disinfecting service can help assure your family, visitors, employees, and anyone who comes in contact of your home or business are entering a disinfected environment.

ABC has created this service to help meet today’s current challenges posed by the Covid-19 virus.  This service can help keep your home and workplace environment healthy over time with a regular service. Call today to schedule your disinfecting service by ABC!

Nisus DSV – How does it work?

ABC uses an ultra-low volume machine to create a broad-spectrum disinfecting mist that provides a powerful virus eliminator.  We use Nisus DSV, a product that the EPA has determined is effective against SARS-CoV-2, which is the cause of Covid-19.  Studies have shown DSV is highly effective against the disease, killing pathogens in just seconds.  DSV is safe on all surfaces, such as walls, floors, furniture, door handles. You will need to be vacated from your residence or business for 3 hours. We will provide you with a short and easy prep list before your scheduled treatment!

Additional Information about Nisus DSV Disinfectant, Sanitizer & Virucide

disinfecting service

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