A visit from a home inspector is one of the most important things that you can do if you are about to sell your house, buy a home, or lease a property. Home inspectors are some of the busiest individuals in the real estate industry because almost no property can be sold before it has been signed off by a registered home inspector. Home inspectors look for some of the most important things that can increase (or drop) the estimated value of a property. This can include structural faults, leaks, cracks, and other serious or cosmetic issues they are trained to note. But, do home inspectors check for bugs and signs of an infestation?

Do Home Inspectors Check for Bugs?

While bugs can devalue a house, it’s not necessarily part of the job description for all home inspectors. Here’s what you should know about hiring a home inspector, or buying a house that has been recently inspected.

Need a Home Inspector?

How do you know when it’s time to hire a home inspector?

Home inspectors are part of the larger real estate industry, and you are required to hire a home inspector before a value is attached to a recently-sold property.

A home inspector can be hired at any point, but it’s the most common to have a professional inspect your home before or after the sale.

If you are buying or selling, speak to the real estate agent in charge before you make any moves. Real estate agents can often help you to find a quick and affordable certified home inspector.

Find a Home Inspector

Do you need to find your own home inspector without the help of a real estate agent?

Sometimes it’s the real estate agent’s job, but sometimes an owner (or buyer) wants to get a second opinion on the matter first.

The Association of Home Inspectors is where you’ll want to go to find a certified home inspector.

The Association of Home Inspectors website is a huge list of local, certified, and experienced home inspectors all over the United States.

A Home Inspector’s Job Description

A home inspector’s job description includes a lot of different things that are important to buying and selling a home. Property inspectors are sight-trained and look for anything that can change the value of the property.

The average home inspector has their hands full. There can be a lot of different things to consider in a home inspection.

Are bugs going to be one of the things a home inspector looks at?

The Short Answer: No, But…

Home inspectors do not typically check for bugs or pests. If you would like to have your house assessed for a bug problem, then it is better to call a local pest control company for a pest inspection.

While a home inspector might not inspect the home for bugs, they are there to look for any structural damage that bugs might have caused.

Home and building inspectors might not be trained in termite care, but they’re sure not going to ignore a termite infestation if they’ve eaten through half the foundation.

Inspectors are likely to look for any damage caused by bugs, even if they are not primarily there to look at the bugs themselves. Sometimes, a home inspector might recommend that you call in a licensed pest inspector before the house is put on the market.

The Next Step

If a home inspector has taken a look at your property and found everything in order except for the bugs, then the next step before you want to list the property is likely going to be calling a local pest control company.

Bug experts can help to identify what kind of pest problem you might have in your house, and eradicate the bugs.

Professional Help for Bug Eradication

Bugs can be a problem, and it’s the one thing that nobody who is buying (or selling) a house needs in their lives.

In many cases, it can be a good idea to call a pest inspector before you call a home inspector – especially if you suspect a bug problem. This can save a lot of time and can save you several calls to the home inspector or real estate agent.

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