Termites are the bane of any homeowner’s property dreams. If you are looking for respite, the winter season may or may not help. If you think your home is showing signs of termite activity, have an inspection done as soon as possible so that you can treat the problem before it becomes unbearable. You may be wondering, does winter reduce termite activity?

Does Winter Reduce Termite Activity?

These bugs also known as “white ants” can eat away at the very foundation boards of your home. They are common in the United States and are found in every state except Alaska. Once they become entrenched, it is very difficult to get rid of them.

What Are Termites?

Termites are insects that love to eat all types of wood. Similar to ants and bees they are colonizing insects. There are a few different types, each of which serves a set role in the colony.

Some of these critters are tasked with creating more workers. Others are in charge of gathering food. It is these that cause the damage to whatever wood happens to be within their scope. The workers are the ones that you will find on the ground in the dirt or even in property foundations.

Winter Blues & Termite Activity

You may think that the outdoor weather will cause them to go dormant. If you have termites in the trees in your yard, but not your home, the winter brings with it additional dangers. Just like humans and animals, they seek shelter away from the biting cold during the winter months. This can mean burrowing deeper into the trees in your yard or even moving into a nearby structure, including your home.

In other words, they are highly active in the warmer months just as they are when the temperature drops. This may seem strange, but people simply notice them more when it’s warm. This is because warm weather means more cleaning, yard work, chores, and activity.

As a result, it is easier to spot pests. In the winter, people tend to bundle up and stay in their homes. This simply means they will see fewer termites daily.

Here are some signs there may be termites living near your home:

  • mud tubes
  • termite droppings
  • damaged wood
  • discarded wings
  • termite swarms or flying termites

Are Termites Seasonal?

Although people may see fewer termites during the cold or rainy season, their activity is constant all year long. Therefore, not limited to any particular time or season. Humans simply are not around to see them during some seasons.

Heat or cold does not affect these invaders in the same way other bugs or insects may be. Cold weather simply drives the less sturdy ones deeper into the wood or even underground. If the termites on your property were only in the trees or bushes previously, the heat from your home may attract them in the winter instead.

Many will build their termite colonies under the ground, therefore, when the winter rolls around they simply stay home. They will still travel to your home or trees to gather food sources from the wood, however. If you have firewood or tree stumps in your yard, these are prime spots to find them in the winter.

Getting Rid of Termite Problems

Most termites try to find the ideal temperature which is around a toasty 75 degrees. Making your house cooler during the winter won’t keep them away or drive them away, but rather drive them deeper into your foundation.

The best way to rid your home of these little invaders in any season is to seek the help of professionals. A pest removal service is best equipped to target, identify, and rid your home of harmful critters. They are experts in proper termite treatment regardless of the season.

Start with a termite inspection and learn what you can do to protect your home and property.

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