Exterior Pest Control Services

Exterior Pest Control Services in Omaha & Lincoln, NE

Yard Spray

Turf, Tree, and Landscaping – Application of several gallons of a product intended to control the widespread infestation of a variety of insects.  Ideal for the control of insects in the turf and outlying areas of your property such as fleas, mosquitos, ticks, chiggers, and springtails.

Perimeter Pack Spray Exterior Services

Structures/near-foundation landscaping – A coarse application of 4 gallons of a product intended to control a widespread infestation of a variety of insects that collect on your bushes, mulch beds, downspouts, eaves, and soffits.

  • A perfect option to prevent Carpenter ant infestation in your home or business.
  • Ideal for the control of insects on or near the foundation of the house like Carpenter ants, Asian beetles, etc…
  • Provides an effective reduction of unsightly webs that collect on the exterior of your home. Ideal for control of all invading insects like Carpenter ants, Asian beetles, etc…

The ABC of Mosquito Reduction


  • Collect and cover all kids and pet toys from the areas to be treated: Entire yard, under decks, areas with foliage, under trees, etc.
  • Fish Ponds: Precautionary – Turn off circulation pumps and stretch a tarp over the pond and anchor the tarp with bricks, stone or other heavy objects. May be removed when the application is complete. ASK ABOUT OUR ‘FISH SAFE’ MOSQUITO DUNKS’
  • Pet dishes are emptied, overturned and/or removed
  • Consider mowing the day before the application.


  • Tip-over or throw away any receptacle that will hold rainwater or collect condensation or dew. Items as small as a pop bottle lid or empty aluminum can are enough to support mosquito larvae.
  • Property Upkeep:

    • clear brush and woodpiles
    • leafy debris piled up in unmaintained areas
    • clean debris out of window wells
    • fire bowls – empty regularly or drill a drain hole in the bottom if it holds water
  • Minimize or limit all standing or stagnant water in rain barrels, ornamental ponds, birdbaths, watering cans, children’s toys, etc.

    • Anything that can fill up with rainwater should be tipped so it drains or turned over so it won’t collect water.

Ask about mosquito treatment in Omaha, NE, and Lincoln, NE

ORNAMENTAL & FISH PONDS: Ask us about Mosquito Dunks

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