It’s the time of year where everyone gets their holiday decorations out of storage for end of the year celebrations. Unfortunately, this is also the traditional time of year when many people remove their holiday decorations from storage just to notice they’re full of bugs. Pests and bugs love living in holiday decorations – and often do. It’s because holiday decorations create an ideal environment for bugs. Holiday decorations get stored in a cool, dark place (often in cupboards or closets). Here these once pest-free holiday decorations can remain undisturbed for most of the year until December comes around.

See why do bugs love holiday decorations so much?

Guide To Pest-Free Holiday Decorations

The Creepy Crawly Time Of The Year 

Pests during the holidays can take a lot of the fun out of decorating. This doesn’t mean bugs have to spoil all of the fun!

Worried about what you mind find once your decorations have come out of storage? Here’s how to ensure you have pest-free holiday decorations from here on until next year.

Why Do Bugs Live In Holiday Decorations?

Holiday decorations are home to bugs because they create an ideal environment. Bugs won’t be bothered or moved around for most of the year. More than just this, decorations are often made from things that bugs just love – either to live in or to eat.

Imagine decorations like pine cones. When placed into storage, they can become homes for all sorts of crawlies that you would rather not share the Christmas tree with.

How Should I Store Holiday Decorations?

In order to prevent pests, store holiday decorations in plastic bins with tightly sealed lids. Ensure that there’s no moisture trapped inside of it – and make sure that no air can get in or out. It’s one of the best ways to ensure bugs don’t get in (and if there are bugs, they can’t become a problem if the container remains properly sealed).

Avoid storing decorations in cardboard boxes or bags. This can make the problem worse.

Even better, store holiday decorations with incense sticks. Bugs find most types of incense unpleasant and will prefer not to nest anywhere near it.

What If My Decorations Have Bugs?

If you’ve noticed bugs in any of your holiday decorations, remove these from the main decorations immediately. This can stop the problem from spreading further. Discard these decorations if possible.

If you would prefer to keep these decorations, seal them in an airtight Ziploc bag. Infestations can’t survive when they are being starved for air (and often, where they have no host).

Which Decorations Are More Likely To Have Bugs?

Decorations made from wood, paper, grass, or any untreated natural substance are more likely to become a home to bugs. This can include trees themselves, or even a simple holiday wreath garland that went into storage last year.

Is it organic? Natural? Untreated?

It could have bugs.

Can Holiday Decoration Bug Infestations Spread?

Sometimes, yes. It depends on the type of bugs that might have moved in.

Bugs can be seen as opportunistic. If there’s something else in your house that acts as a potential habitat or host for the same type of bug, it’s possible.

Which Decorations Won’t Keep Bugs?

Decorations can be replaced with ones that are less likely to keep bugs.

Materials like metal, recycled plastic, and even some 3D Printed holiday decorations are pretty much impossible to become home to bug infestations at all. These decorations can go into storage for a longer period of time – and you don’t have to worry that they might become home to anything you don’t want to share your holiday period with.

What If Bugs Are A Regular Problem?

Bugs can become a problem over other times of the year, too. If you have noticed signs of an infestation or suspect that you have one, contact a professional pest control expert who can take care of the problem in a safe way.

Shop Local for Holiday Decorations

We know a lot of holiday shoppers are looking for meaningful and quality decorations and gifts. Avoid worrying about pest problems from homemade decor and buy from a local store. We’ve got a few suggestions where you can help support your community.


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