Mice can cause a host of problems for humans and move into any home or business building at any point in the year. If you have mice or find signs of mice, then you have a huge problem. Any number of mice in your home that you aren’t intentionally keeping as pets in their own environment counts as an official infestation. What are the most effective ways to get rid of mice if there is an infestation?

How to Get Rid of Mice

A rodent infestation is a serious issue, whether rats, rabbits, or mice have taken over your home or business. What should you do to get rid of mice? How do you know it’s mice?

Keep reading to learn how to get rid of and identify a mouse infestation.

Got Mice In Your Home?

Just like bedbugs and fleas, mice leave behind traces of their habitation – and certainly, traces of their movement through your home. The first sign of mice is usually their droppings or urine, which are often found in close proximity to one another.

Mice droppings are, on average, much smaller than rat droppings. Most people can tell the difference just because rat droppings are huge in comparison to those of mice.

Mice also burrow and chew through things. Together with their excretions, you are also likely to find other signs of mice such as chew marks or sawdust.

Most mice love to hide near food sources, therefore, you will find them near places with ample, often dried or sweet foods. In and around pet food is also a common place to find mice. For this reason, it is a good idea to store pet food in airtight containers.

How Bad is the Infestation?

Mice in homes or buildings are a serious problem because of the potential infection risk associated with mice droppings and urine. Just like rats and most other rodents, it can be toxic to humans (and other animals), and present a serious breathing risk in the home. Any number of mice droppings found in the home indicates a problem.

It’s just as dangerous whether you’ve found four pellets or forty, though the number of droppings left behind might sometimes indicate how bad the infestation has become.

When it comes to rodent infestations, it usually is not an infestation that you can (or should) wait to have looked at. Always contact a professional pest control company near you at the first sign of mice.

What Draws Mice Closer?

Mice are drawn to food, though sometimes to other resources such as warmth or water that they might find in and around the home. Dried (or sweet) foods are likely to attract mice or redirect their path from where they might have been already.

Once mice have been through food supplies, the food is considered wasted. DO NOT consume food if there’s even the slightest chance of a mice infestation.

Should I Use Poison?

Avoid poison for mice infestations, especially when they are near food supplies or people – which is almost always the case. Poison can be dangerous and contaminate everything in its proximity, including animals that you didn’t intend to harm.

Rodent feces can carry diseases like Hanta Virus and result in respiratory complications if the infestation is not properly addressed. Our pest control professionals focus on the controlled delivery of baits in tamper-resistant exterior stations that ensure the safety of your family and pets while utilizing non-poisonous means of rodent elimination inside your home.

ABC’s rodent control services elimination programs vary on the type of rodent. Combined and controlled use of traps and baits has proven to be the most effective for us.

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