The thought or possibility of pests in the kitchen can be too much for most people to bear, but the truth is that pests are present in far more kitchens than you would like to know – and this remains true even when you can’t see any obvious signs of pests. Here’s how to spot the signs of pests and what you can do to help keep your kitchen pest-free for the long term.

How to Keep Your Kitchen Pest Free in Lincoln & Omaha?

One of the first things you should do – and something that you should do periodically throughout the year – is to check your kitchen for pests. Do this regularly even when you don’t suspect there’s a problem with pests. This can help you to spot many of the early signs and signals that there’s something wrong.

Sometimes signs of pests will include signs of their bodies or droppings. Other times you’re going to see signs of what the pests have done – such as holes in containers where they’ve eaten their way through.

These signs of pests can also help to tell you what kind of pests you have around your kitchen; it’s obvious that termite and flea droppings won’t look the same as what rats or mice have to leave behind for you.

Proper, Closing Containers

While this doesn’t ward off pests, it can help to keep them away from your food. Always have proper containers that have the ability to seal – and keep these far away from where pests are able to reach them.

Warding Off Bugs

It’s easy enough to ward off most insects from the average kitchen by making use of natural methods (like herbs, oils, chalk and vinegar spray) around the kitchen. These are all things that different types of pests will find heavily unpleasant while being things that you can still use safely in the average kitchen.

Don’t Bug Spray

Bug spray is a common “first fix” for people who discover pests, but it’s a very bad idea if you have any pests in your kitchen. People generally don’t think of the fact that bug spray isn’t just harmful to bugs – and then spray it near their food. Yes, it has the potential to make you and your entire family sick: It can even have the potential to be deadly.

There are more than enough natural methods that can be employed without ever having to resort to the use of bug spray in your kitchen. If you have more serious pest problems than you can control, it’s time to call an exterminator. They can get rid of larger pest infestations in safer (and often much faster) ways.

ABC Termite & Pest Control – Local Pest Control Exterminators in Omaha & Lincoln

Find a reputable local moles & voles pest control Omaha or Lincoln professional that you TRUST and ask about their pest management services.  You may think you are saving money however, a single misapplication could have significant and adverse or deadly consequences for you or your loved ones.

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