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German Cockroaches Information & Control

The German cockroach is a widely distributed urban pest. It is also the most common cockroach species in houses, apartments, restaurants, hotels, and other institutions. German cockroaches usually prefer a moist environment with a relatively high degree of warmth. The insects are mostly scavengers and will feed on a wide variety of foods. They are especially fond of starches, sweets, grease, and meat products. In many locations, garbage is a principal food source. As with other species, German cockroaches are mostly active at night, when they forage for food, water, and mates.

Oriental Cockroach Control

The Oriental cockroach prefers dark, damp places. Often called a water bug, it is commonly found in damp basements, cellars, crawl spaces, and sewers. It may also be found near drains, leaky water pipes and under refrigerators, sinks, washing machines, and floors. It prefers temperatures under 84° F. The Oriental cockroach can tolerate cool environments and people have even found it surviving freezing outdoor weather. An Oriental cockroach forages mostly on the first floors of buildings. Occasionally, this pest will thrive in the landscape immediately adjacent to structures and may enter if a disturbance occurs, such as a change in the seasons, excess rainfall, or lawn mowing. It can be found occasionally outdoors under sewer covers. It feeds on all types of garbage and other organic material. An Oriental cockroach produces a strong smell and is considered one of the dirtiest of all the cockroaches.

Wood Cockroach Control

The wood roach lives in wooded areas in rotting logs and under loose bark. It can accidentally invade homes, cabins, cottages, and other buildings in or near wooded areas. This cockroach is not a persistent household pests and it doesn’t reproduce indoors. Because of its association with wood, a wood cockroach can be brought indoors on firewood. It may enter buildings if suitable harborage (trees and logs) is close to open doors and windows. The males are strong fliers.

Primary Differences Between Wood Cockroaches And Other Cockroaches

Wood roaches are not as light-sensitive as other roaches. When you flick a light on at night, these roaches are less likely to flee for cover. Their ability to deal with light also allows them to infest light sockets. If you turn an outside light on, you shouldn’t be surprised to see one of these roaches emerge when it gets too warm in that socket.

While each individual cockroach of each of the above species can have its own personality traits, and any of them can be skittish and stealthy, wood cockroaches, as a whole, are not going to stay in hiding. They are more than happy to roam around in plain sight.

Though not unique to wood cockroaches, this species prefers to be outside. They are only accidental home invaders. These roaches much prefer to be in your yard, hiding under organic debris, and in moist locations.

As their name suggests, they are prone to being in stacked wood. If you have firewood, you’re more likely to have wood cockroaches. Be cautious when you bring firewood into your home. And be sure to burn your firewood quickly once you bring it in to make sure no wood cockroach eggs hatch inside your home.

Wood cockroaches are often found infesting a home underneath wood shingles and wood siding. They are also more likely to plague homes that are in the woods. These roaches don’t know the difference between your home and a tree in the forest. If you give them loose bark to hide under, they’ll take advantage of it.

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