Rodent Control

Rodent Control Services in Omaha & Lincoln, NE

ABC’s rodent control services elimination programs vary on the type of rodent. A combined and controlled use of traps and baits has proven to be the most effective for us.


We specialize in safe, effective, efficient, and economical rodent control of :


The most common of infesting rodents in and around structures. Rodent feces can carry disease like Hanta Virus and result in respiratory complications if the problem in not addressed. Our methods focus on the controlled delivery of baits in tamper resistant exterior stations that ensure the safety of your family and pets while utilizing non-poisonous means of rodent elimination inside your home.

Rodent Control Services in omaha & Lincoln, NE


Vole damage, often confused with mole damage, can also do significant damage to turf grasses. Frequently found on sloping ground or burrowing near sidewalks where heat is retained by the concrete.


Burrowing rodents that can do significant damage to lawns. Infestation usually starts with 1 single den site and can drastically grow into multiple den sites within a just a few months.


Do damage similar to moles but can have more concentrated burrow networks, but have drastically different treatment measures.

PHYSICAL EXCLUSION/REMOVAL OF BIRDS, BATS, RACCOONS, SQUIRRELS, OPPOSUMS AND OTHER WILDLIFE – While we don’t offer these services, please contact Bats to Rats Wildlife Control and Prevention by visiting their website:

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We are locally owned and operated company specializing in residential and commercial pest & rodent control services. Spiders, ants, termites, mice, and other rodents are just a few of many pests we professionally exterminate in the Lincoln and Omaha area.