Having a pest infestation in your home can bear an uncanny resemblance to being haunted! You hear scratching noises, you know that not everything is as it should be… and yet you cannot see the cause of all the commotion! The big difference between a ghost and an infestation? The latter is all-too-real and leaves a number of tell-tale signs that you can use to track them down. This is good news of course, as it means you can find the culprits and put an end to being haunted by pests once and for all!

Signs Your House Is Haunted by Pests

With that in mind, read on and we will take a look at the top signs that your home may be “haunted” by pests!


You know one thing that ghosts tend not to do? Leave little droppings around your premises! That’s precisely what you’ll find if you have an infestation, however, and this is actually one of the very first signs in many cases.

Look out for small, round droppings, and any other feces that are too small to be from the neighbor’s cat.


This is where we begin to see the overlap between an infestation and a haunting! Both tend to create an unnerving scratching noise that can come from your attic, the wall space, or even under the floorboards. Neither is very welcome!

Of course, the chances are that this is an infestation rather than a haunting for most of us. That means you might hear scrabbling over your bedroom or the occasional rustling in the walls. This at least tells you roughly where the infestation is located, which makes it easier for the exterminators to go to work!


While a poltergeist might throw your favorite ornaments around with reckless abandon, a pest is more likely to chew through your furniture, wires, and other belongings. This is more frustrating, but again it can be a useful indication of the presence of an unwanted guest (and a clue as to what that pest may be!).

Look for damage around openings, gnawing around carpets, or rotting on wood.

Similarly, you might just notice that your television signal suddenly starts to go strange! The obvious issue, in this case, is that someone has chewed through the wires!


Okay, you don’t need to be a genius to figure this one out! But sometimes the biggest clue that you have an infestation comes when you stumble upon a bunch of bugs (or similar) hanging out in your home! The key is knowing where to look, so be sure to check those dank areas behind cupboards.


Many critters have an unfortunate tendency of creating unwanted smells. These may be caused by the animals themselves, their waste, or even their rotting corpses. Not a nice thought! This can then actually attract other unwanted visitors: flies being a particularly common example.

Circumstantial Evidence

Once you start to suspect there may be an infestation, it’s time to confirm those beliefs. Don’t worry: there’s no need for a seance! Instead, you should ask yourself whether an infestation is likely. This may be true if you have a tendency to let food crumbs stay on the floor too long, or if there are openings where they might have gotten in. Likewise, you should consider whether you keep your dustbin too close to your home, or whether you might have things in your shed that could be attracting unwanted visitors.

The next step is to try and set out a trap. You can do this if you think you might have rats or other larger vermin in your home, and this way you can see them with your own two eyes!

Once you know for sure that it’s an infestation, you have only really one question left to ask:

Who you gonna’ call? (Exterminators!)

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