The pandemic has hit all types of businesses differently. However, there is no question that every business has had to come up with a way to ensure the safety of their consumers and staff regarding the Covid-19 outbreak. Small businesses throughout the world have had to make many tough choices on how to adapt to the changes that the pandemic has brought about.

One of the things that every small and large business alike has had to do is to come up with a way to responsibly disinfect your property to ensure the safety of your customer. Not only is it your responsibility as a business owner, but it is also necessary in order to keep your doors open. People are demanding safety and disinfectant protocols be in place or they may refuse to provide you with their business. Don’t stress, we have created the perfect small business owner disinfecting guide to help with all your disinfecting needs.

Small Business Owner Disinfecting Guide

Here are some things that you must do in order to protect your small business after a health scare.


The first thing is to protect the health and the overall wellbeing of each of your employees. It is important to make sure that you are communicating with your employees about what to do when they are sick. If they have any symptoms of Covid 19 (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC), it is important that they let you as the business owner know and that they do not come into work. They need to make sure that they stay home until they are clear to return. If your employee is not sick, but someone that they live with is, they also need to stay home until they are in the clear.

Every business should have a sick leave policy in place for their employees. Moreover, trust them to let you know if they are experiencing symptoms or if they have been around anyone with symptoms. If you do have an employee who has symptoms, it is important to make sure that you clean and disinfect everything in your business thoroughly to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. You may need to shut down for a day in order to make sure that everything in the area has been properly disinfected.

Social distancing is extremely important. Make sure that you have your employees stay at least six feet away from each other when possible.

Cleaning and Etiquette

One of the most important things that you can do as an employer is to make sure that you have a cleaning schedule implemented. This cleaning regimen needs to be much more thorough than in the past.

Post proper handwashing signs around your business. Make sure that your employees are washing their hands frequently. If it is not possible to properly wash hands regularly with soap and water, it is important to make sure you have hand sanitizer readily available to use.

Bolstering housekeeping practices is extremely important. Focus on the sanitization of the higher traffic areas and all high contact areas. You should be using cleaning chemicals that have been EPA approved. These are the chemicals that have been approved for being effective against the coronavirus.

Take the time each day to properly clean the frequently touched surfaces. This one of the easiest and best ways to help prevent the spread of the virus. It is also important to make sure that after closing each day the entire space of your business is being properly cleaned. Installing proper air filters can also help with airflow and prevent the spread of disease. Taking these precautions can help lower the chance of your employees and your customers getting sick.

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