Arachnophobia, or fear of spiders, is something plenty of people suffer from – and such fear is not always unfounded. It’s true that some spider species are beneficial, helping to control obnoxious insect pests by feeding on them. Other kinds of spiders – not so much. If you have several spiders in your home that probably means you have other pests they are feeding on.

If the spiders didn’t have a food source they wouldn’t be hanging out in your home. Get a spider pest control Omaha or Lincoln plan in place to get rid of the other pests and insects inhabiting your home. Spiders can also help prevent pests from destroying crops on farms.

Spider Pest Control Omaha & Lincoln Exterminators

There is a wide range of spiders that are referred to as cellar spiders. You can expect to see them in your cellar and in other dark, cold, moist areas of your home. Jumping spiders, orb spiders, zipper spiders, and wolf spiders can be found mostly outside, but will occasionally be home invaders.

The two spiders that you should watch out for most are black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders. Both have a venom that is medically important to humans.

Spider Pest Control Omaha & Lincoln Prevention

The first thing you should do is knock down any spider webs that may exist, especially those close to the building, and be vigilant in checking for new webs every week or so.

Making certain that all the cracks in your home are sealed up will prevent spiders from entering. Another way to discourage spiders is to deal with the other pests they feed on. Minimize outdoor lighting at night or use yellow-colored bulbs that are less attractive than white light.

Finally, avoid allowing items such as boxes, clutter, roof and floor tile, wood piles, and scraps of lumber to pile up, as spiders find these to be highly desirable shelters.

Spider Control Treatment

ABC Termite & Pest Control exterminators take multiple steps in our general treatment approach to rid your home of unwanted spiders. We knock-down visible webs in the eaves and around patio furniture, which will help to control infestations. We treat in the corners, the foundation at the lip of the stucco homes, the base of plants, river rock close to the home, the base of the block wall and in the eaves.

As you can see, getting rid of spiders in, on and around your home isn’t a simple task. It is likely to take up your time and energy. Whether you’re raising a family, working full-time, travel a lot or all of the above, it’s hard to make time for spider pest control. We understand you’re busy and that’s where we think we can help!

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Find a reputable local pest control Omaha or Lincoln professional that you TRUST and ask about their pest management services. Check them out on the BBB and read their reviews on Google to see what kinds of experiences other people have had with them.

You may think you are saving money however, a single misapplication could have significant and adverse or deadly consequences for you or your loved ones. Contact ABC Termite & Pest Control in Omaha & Lincoln, NE today!