Spring is traditionally the time of year that most people apply to clean the house. Spring is also the time of year where you might discover more hiding in the stagnant corners and dust in the home than you might have expected. It’s never fun to discover spring pests or traces of them have been there in your home. For one, it means that you might have been sharing your home with a serious bug infestation for several weeks to months when you see it (and occasionally for years).

Pest control management should be started at any point where you spot pests or what they have left in their tracks. Sometimes pest control management can be started before you spot these signs – and ideally, it should be.

Spring Pests, Start Pest Control Management

Here’s more about what types of Spring pests you might deal with around springtime – and what you can do to take measures and spot signs of pests beforehand.

Spring: The Ideal Time for Pests

Spring is one of the best times of the year for pests to flourish. Sure, there are pests that can survive through winter (and you might still see traces of pests during wintertime), but spring is when most types of mammal and insect pests come out of their hiding and hibernation in order to move around and breed.

Once pests have had proper opportunity to breed, they’ve officially taken over your house.

How can you stop the horror?

Start by checking your home for pests and putting some pest control measures in place even if you don’t see any obvious signs this spring.

Look Out for the Signs

It’s always important to look out for potential signs of pests. First, it can help you to tell what kind of pests you might have in your home. Also, it can help you to identify the approximate location and extent of the pest infestation.

Signs to look out for include droppings. These can be left by any number of pests that include bed bugs or rats. Also, look for signs of things having been chewed at or chewed through. Sometimes droplets of blood can signal fleas or bed bugs. However, more commonly bed bugs if they are found near furniture or beds rather than near animal hosts.

Check carefully, check everywhere and you might be a lot less convinced that your home is pest-free.

The Dangers Pests Pose

Pests aren’t harmless. In fact, some types of pests can chew through food supplies like nothing you’ve ever seen. Other pests are known to cause or trigger allergies and conditions like asthma. Some serious pest types might be carriers for diseases that anyone near the pests might be exposed to.

Then there are the varieties of pest infestations (such as termites) that can entirely take over and cause severe structural damage when they do.

Prevention is Always Better Than Cure

Taking the right measures in order to eradicate a small pest infestation (or stop it from being there) is always better than having to take care of the same pest infestation when it’s in the more advanced stages and spread throughout the rest of your house.

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