Many people may not realize that termites and carpenter ants have a lot in common. In fact, termites vs carpenter ants are responsible for the majority of pest control calls to homes every year. Each of these tiny insects destroys wood, and the damage that they do to the wood can cause many issues within a home.

Carpenter Ants vs Termites Pest Control in Lincoln & Omaha, NE

Almost 90 percent of houses in the United States have wood framing. Termites vs carpenter ants can destroy the framing and the interior of your home if they are left to take over. The damage that can be caused by these pests can be quite expensive to repair and may even threaten the stability of your home. Both termites and carpenter ants are responsible for millions of dollars worth of damage to homes every year. The only way to eliminate these pests is to use expert pest control as both of these little types of bugs are great at hiding in a home.  

While carpenter ants and termites both cause wood damage and have similar appearances, there are some differences between these two pests that are worth noting.

Body Shape

One of the main differences between termites and carpenter ants comes in the shape of their bodies. A termite only has a thorax and ahead. The carpenter ant has a thorax, head, and an abdomen. The wings of a termite are often longer than those of the ant as well. If you suspect an infestation, taking a specimen to your local pest control company. They will help identify which one of these insects is the culprit for the damage to your home.

Wood Use

Termites munch on the wood of a home as a source of nutrition. Carpenter ants will eat the wood from your home as a way to create a shelter to build a nest in. When it comes to pest control, you should know that both ants and termites have to have a water source to survive. Keeping the air dry in your home can help control these pests.


When it comes to the nests created by these pesky insects, both will live inside the wood located throughout your home. They will chew on the wood beams until they are hollow. Carpenter ants like wood that is rotting or molding. Termites tend to shelter in mud mounds located either above or below ground. Have you noticed a mound near your house or discover rotting wood that looks chewed on? If so, contact an exterminator right away.  

The damage that is done by both carpenter ant infestations and termite infestations is very similar. If you notice that there are holes in the framework of your home, it is a good idea to call a pest control company to come to your house to check out the damage. These professionals will be able to tell what is causing the damage. Once it is determined whether it is termites or carpenter ants causing the damage to the wood of your home, the exterminator will come up with a plan to eliminate the issue. You still may be left with large repair bills even after the pests are gone.

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Find a reputable local termite control & pest control professional in Omaha or Lincoln that you TRUST and ask about their pest management services.  You may think you are saving money however, a single misapplication could have significant and adverse or deadly consequences for you or your loved ones.

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