The German cockroach is one of the most common species of cockroach found in Nebraska. It can grow to up to 1.5 inches on average; however, it can grow larger in some cases. Its color ranges from pale brown to tan brown to dark brown. It is active all day; however, most of its activity is carried out during the night. It has six legs arranged in pairs. It also has wings that it uses for greater mobility and food hunting tasks.

The German Cockroach Is Really Of African Origin


The German Cockroach Is Really Of African Origin

You might be surprised to know that the German cockroach is not German or even European at all. In fact, its origin is traced to Africa. They were brought to Nebraska by migrants and travelers during the period of exploration and territorial expansion.

They are known to be of little tolerance to cold weather and prefer to live in warmer areas. This is the reason why many of them are found in homes, kitchens, businesses, and other buildings that can provide warmth and ample food.


The diet of German Cockroach is fairly unique. They eat a variety of food available from the resources around them. The german cockroach eats starchy and sugary foods, even those that are from plant sources. They also eat meat and fish especially greasy and oily ones. They also feed on non living things such as glue, gels, and papers. German Cockroaches even feed on dead bodies of other animals and insects. At times, they can be cannibalistic eating the legs and other body parts of their fellow cockroaches.

Threat to Humans

The German cockroach has the ability to quickly reproduce. In a short period, a house infestation can spread to nearby homes. They are also known carriers of diseases and can potentially contaminate food and water sources through their exoskeleton or skin castings. These body peelings are also potential allergens and can increase the risks of asthma occurrence. They also emit odor that can also cause sickness and allergic reactions.

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