With the recent Zika virus outbreak that affected South and Central America, everyone wants to know about how it could likely affect them, their families and their area. Below are the types of mosquitoes and our mosquito treatment service Omaha & Lincoln, NE.

Types of Mosquitoes in Omaha, NE

In comparison with areas of higher rainfall, Nebraska is affected relatively less significantly by mosquito problems, however following periods of heavy precipitation and with the implementation of some irrigation methods, populations can grow and cause problems. Here are the types of mosquitoes in Omaha, Ne and the dangers of each.

Aedes and Psorophora

The flood water type mosquitos, including certain species of Aedes and Psorophora, can reach plague proportions and start to impact on agricultural activities. So too can these types of mosquito cause irritation and discomfort amongst human populations in both rural and urban environments.

Whilst this is more annoying than dangerous, the mosquitos that are of greatest importance in Omaha, are those with the potential to carry diseases. In this area, epidemics of certain diseases can be quite commonplace, meaning that understanding the populations of mosquitos can be fairly important.

Culex tarsalis

An overwhelmingly dominant species in the state Culex tarsalis, is found to be a carrier and transmitter of equine encephalitis, and because Culex tarsalis feeds on domestic animals, birds and wild animals as well, this can be an issue. Under examination conditions, we see that transmission is easily carried out by this species.

Anopheles quadrimaculatus

In terms of danger to humans, Anopheles quadrimaculatus is an identified vector of malaria and several other species of mosquito, also found in Omaha, should not be disregarded as carriers either.

Though the findings are worrying, populations are not currently at a level that should cause concern. It is just noted that the species is a potential carrier and transmitter of the disease. As for Zika, Omaha mosquitos require further studying, as warmer climates and increasing wet periods will undoubtedly impact upon the nature of each species and on the diseases, they carry.

Leave mosquito control in Omaha to the professionals – ABC Termite and Pest Control. Learn about our mosquito treatment services below.

The ABC of Mosquito Control Service Omaha & Lincoln, NE


  • Collect and cover all kid’s and pet toys from the areas that will need treatment.
    • Entire yard
    • under decks
    • areas with foliage
    • under trees
    • etc.
  • Fish Ponds: Precautionary – Turn off circulation pumps and stretch a tarp over the pond and anchor the tarp with bricks, stone or other heavy objects. May be removed when application is complete.  ASK ABOUT OUR ‘FISH SAFE’ MOSQUITO DUNKS’
  • Pet dishes are empty
  • Consider mowing the day before the application.


The following can help you get rid of mosquitoes and prevent mosquitoes from taking over your outdoor space.

  • Tip over or throw away and receptacle that will hold rainwater or collect condensation or dew. Items as small as a pop bottle lid or empty aluminum can are enough to support mosquito larvae.
  • Property Upkeep:
    • clear brush and wood piles
    • leafy debris piled up in unmaintained areas
    • clean debris out of window wells
    • fire bowls – empty regularly or drill a drain hole in the bottom if it holds water
  • Minimize or limit all standing water on your property such as in rain barrels, ornamental ponds, bird baths, watering cans, children’s toys, etc.
    • Anything that can fill up with rainwater should be empty. So it drains or turned over so it won’t collect water. Remember, stagnant water serves as a mosquito breeding site.

ORNAMENTAL & FISH PONDS:  Ask us about Mosquito Dunks

Hire a Professional Company – ABC Termite & Pest Control – Mosquito Treatment Omaha & Lincoln

Find a reputable termite inspection company in Omaha or Lincoln that you TRUST and ask about their pest management services.  You may think you are saving money however, a single misapplication could have significant and adverse or deadly consequences for you or your loved ones. Contact ABC Termite & Pest Control in Omaha & Lincoln, NE today!

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