Door-to-door sales used to be very common, bringing everything from encyclopedias to vacuum cleaners right to people’s front steps. Today, we are less inclined to answer the door to people we aren’t expecting to visit. The reputation of door-to-door sales is not stellar. Starting with the ugly, unscrupulous door-to-door pest control salespeople who try to take advantage of decent Americans. These pesky, manipulating salespeople try talking homeowners into buying products that they don’t really need. Or, even worse, scamming homeowners into fine print contracts that are a nightmare to void. In some cases, they will even monitor the movements of homeowners to track when they are at home.

What to do when Door-to-Door Pest Control Knocks (don’t answer)

Then there’s the bad, the salespeople who have been trained not to take no for an answer and keep polite homeowners on the doorstep for ages. They don’t give up easily and come back time and time again. There have also been reports of pest control reps placing dead insects as evidence to convince homeowners of the need for their services.

Then, there is the good salesperson who just happens to be in the right place, at the right time, with a product we actually need.


Contrary to popular belief, door-to-door sales are actually legal provided nothing is sold to a person under the age of 16. Certain states and cities though have instituted ordinances banning such sales without a permit. In addition, in some places knocking on doors after 6 p.m. is illegal. In other areas knocking on doors on Sundays and during the hours between 5 p.m. and 9 a.m. is prohibited.

Lincoln and many communities in the Omaha metro require solicitors who are knocking on doors to obtain a peddlers permit for door-to-door sales. In Omaha, police say residents who answer the door to someone without a permit should contact the non-emergency number. (Lincoln City Clerk)

Selling Pest Control

Pest control is something of a grudge purchase, a necessary evil. We don’t want to spend money on it, but sometimes we have to. We don’t wake up with an immediate passion to buy life insurance, and it’s the same with pest control services.

That’s why it can be good to have a sales rep force your hand. Unfortunately, due to door-to-door pest control scams being prevalent in the news, there can be trust issues with these reps. It’s one thing to waste money on a once-off rubbish product being sold door to door. However, it’s another thing to sign a pest control contract being sold door to door.

We wouldn’t buy life insurance at the door so why would we buy pest control at the door either. The right way to buy pest control is to contact a local pest control company to schedule a free estimate and outline their service options.

Pester the Pest Control

Fight a psychological war. As much as reps try to wear you down, try wearing them down instead. Take away their desire and resolve to stand in front of you. The best thing to do with door-to-door pest control reps, if you open the door that is, is to interrupt their sales script, which they have spent hours committing to memory. Any detour from their pitch and their training in how to overcome objections might throw them for a loop.

Most pest control reps introduce themselves as technicians. If that is the case, ask them what they are technically qualified to do and where they studied.

Use big words – “can you tell me about the efficacy of your products and juxtapose the results with their carbon footprint?” If that doesn’t work, ask to speak to their manager on their phone.

Ask questions about where the pest control company is located, how long they have been in business, who the owners are, and how you can get in touch with them.

Next, ask for references from happy customers nearby. Ask for their phone numbers or ask to be shown the home of the happy customer. A common tactic by some less scrupulous companies is to claim they were in the area doing work for your neighbor when really they are canvassing the block. Check with your neighbors! They’ll be able to share their experience with the company or validate the solicitor’s claim.

Be Polite

If you want to be more polite, thank them for their time, and take their paperwork. Then, tell them you need to discuss it with a partner or friend and wish them a good day as you close the door.

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