Year-Round Pest Control

Year-Round Pest Control Omaha & Lincoln NE

Do you really need to get pest control all year-round? What if you haven’t seen a pest in the last several weeks?

While we all want our homes to be warm, cosy, and pest-free, it’s also true that we don’t want to spend more money than necessary on things that we don’t need! In this post, we’ll attempt to see whether year-round pest control is a necessity, or a waste of your hard-earned cash!

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Stink Bugs and Boxelder Bugs

Stink Bugs and Boxelder Bugs | ABC Pest Control | Lincoln & Omaha

Like many insects, stink bugs and boxelder bugs seek shelter when the season changes from summer to fall. Typically during spring and summer months, stink bugs and boxelder bugs spend their time outdoors, often high in tree tops, away from normal human activity. It’s the drop in temperatures that the fall season brings that start these insects looking for warmth and shelter to ride the winter out.

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Hornets Pest Control

Hornets Pest Control | ABC Termite & Pest Control Omaha & Lincoln, NE

Hornets are a subspecies of wasps and are one of the larger sized variety of the stinging insect, reaching up to 5.5 cm (2.2 in) in length. Hornets are among the most dangerous and feared pests by homeowners when they are seen flying around the yard or ,even worse, when they are setting up a nest beside your home or a tree in your yard.

Whether you’ve noticed hornets making a nest around your home or not, this is generally one stinging pest you’d prefer to not deal with whenever possible. Here are some hornets pest control solutions in Omaha & Lincoln, Nebraska.

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Moles & Voles Pest Control

moles & voles pest control Omaha & Lincoln NE

One day, you could be taking a stroll through your garden admiring your pretty flowers and green plants when suddenly, you slam down into a divot and break your ankle. This kind of divot is often caused by small animals called moles and voles. Many people mistakenly think that moles and voles hibernate during the winter. In actuality, these furry little critters are active during the cold months in underground tunnels. They may be soft and even a little cute…but moles and voles are a big nuisance for Omaha & Lincoln homeowners.

Keep reading to learn more about Moles & Voles pest control.

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Spider Pest Control Exterminators

spider pest control Omaha & Lincoln exterminators

Arachnophobia, or fear of spiders, is something plenty of people suffer from – and such fear is not always unfounded. It’s true that some spider species are beneficial, helping to control obnoxious insect pests by feeding on them. Other kinds of spiders – not so much. If you have several spiders in your home that probably means you have other pests they are feeding on.

If the spiders didn’t have a food source they wouldn’t be hanging out in your home. Get a spider pest control Omaha or Lincoln plan in place to get rid of the other pests and insects inhabiting your home. Spiders can also help prevent pests from destroying crops on farms.

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Ants Pest Control

ants pest control Omaha and Lincoln NE

Once ants get into your home, there’s little chance that they’re going to go away on their own. You either have to learn how to get rid of ants in the house yourself, or let the professionals handle your ants pest control in Omaha and Lincoln, NE. Like many pests, ants swarm indoors once they find a good food source. They usually move inside looking for:

  • better conditions
  • moisture
  • food
  • shelter
  • favorable temperatures

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Worst Home Pest Infestations

Worst Home Pest Infestations | ABC Pest Control Omaha & Lincoln, NE

All home pest infestations are bad. If you have pests, you should get rid of them as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Period. Just because all home pest infestations are bad, however, does not mean all pest infestations are equally bad. We’re not talking most damaging or most immediately destructive, though there’s some overlap. We’re simply talking about the pests you least want in your home.

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Mosquito Treatment

Mosquito Treatment Lincoln NE Omaha NE

After the recent flooding some may be concerned the extra water will mean extra mosquitoes. Flooding or heavy rainfall produce temporary quiet pools of water which can remain for weeks, available for mosquito breeding. Mosquito reproduction is rapid and a generation can be completed in as few as 5 -7 days. For more than 20 years, ABC Termite & Pest Control has been providing Mosquito Treatment in Lincoln NE and Omaha NE to commercial, institutional, and residential areas.

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Wasp Exterminators

wasp exterminators Omaha & Lincoln, NE

To get a bit technical, wasps are insects in the hymenoptera order and the apocrita sub-order. Wasps are often mistaken for bees and confused with other stinging insects. It’s not uncommon to get bees, hornets, and wasps confused. They’re all capable of stinging and frequently come with black and yellow markings. Wasps have narrow waists, smooth skin, and four wings. Hornets are a subset of wasp with slightly larger waists but similar skin and wings. Bees tend to be fuzzy, round, and are smaller in general.

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Asthma or Allergies: Pests Could be to Blame

sthma or Allergies: Pests Could be to Blame Omaha & Lincoln NE

If you’ve been sneezing and coughing, then there are a number of potential culprits. You might already be blaming the pollen outside for instance, or maybe you’re making evil eyes at the dog. Sure he looks cute…

Then there’s the dust, but you’ve vacuumed… so what’s going on? But have you considered another possibility? That the Asthma or Allergies are being set off by pests instead. Here’s what you need to know.

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